2016 Reflection

unnamed2016 has been a wild year. In the nine short months that this blog has existed, I’ve featured 34 collections of poetry, conducted 10 interviews, and promoted over 50 small presses. When I started this blog, my expectations were few. I only wanted an excuse to connect with some of my favorite poets, as well as a motivator to keep reading and writing about poetry. This blog has done so much more. Although Nervous Poodle Poetry is a very tiny aspect of the poetry community, I’m excited about what’s ahead in 2017.  Thanks so much to the readers of this blog, and to the poets who I have interviewed and featured. Your work is needed and appreciated. I’ll be back on January 15 with the collection Prelude to Bruise by Saeed Jones, and then Born Palestinian, Born Black by Suheir Hammad. In 2017, you can keep expecting weekly poetry collection features, but I will be focusing more on interviews and local literary event coverage within the Northeast Ohio community. Also, AWP is going to be a huge week, so look out for that. Thanks for your patience during this break, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! – Noor

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