Election Thoughts

Poetry friends, with news of Donald Trump winning the presidential election, I hope you’ve been able to find some time this week to care for yourself and find peace. It is even more important right now for us to stand by each other and continue making art. Poetry can be used to spread social awareness and protest injustice, so we must continue making our voices heard through poetry. Below is a small list of collections that I have featured on NPP that have impacted me in powerful ways. It is in no particular order. Also, be sure to check out this Atlantic article on Why Poetry is Viral in the Aftermath of Trump’s Election.

  1. Cannibal, Safiya Sinclair
  2. Bringing the Shovel Down, Ross Gay
  3. Why God is a Woman, Nin Andrews
  4. Citizen, Claudia Rankine
  5. Seam, Tarfia Faizullah
  6. Dothead, Amit Majmudar
  7. Play Dead, Francine J. Harris
  8. The Sonnets, Sandra Simonds
  9. [Insert] Boy, Danez Smith
  10. Thief in the Interior, Phillip B. Williams

9781631491412_198Although this week’s post is a bit different, I do still want to briefly feature the poetry collection Rome, by Dorothea Lasky. I’ve really appreciated her weird and sarcastic voice because these poems have gotten me through a tough week. While reading Rome, I never knew what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised at the wild language. One of my favorite poems in Rome is “Complainers” because of the following lines: “Some people don’t want to die / Because you can’t complain when you’re dead” (lines 1-2). I would recommend this collection to anyone who needs a break from the angry rhetoric surrounding us this week. If you need a laugh, click on this link to order Rome.

As always, let’s continue to advocate for peace, and love one another.


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